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Everyone who reads the Bible must admit that it tells us to do things that we never have done and cannot do in our fleshly bodies. One reason is that God our Creator is telling us what He wants us to be and do as created in His image and likeness. Our purpose is in our image and likeness of God our Creator, not like the dust of the ground or the flesh of our parents.

Most children don’t know that they are created in the image and likeness of God, and their parents have not asked God for His spirit for their children so they can be taught this vital truth. The reason parents don’t ask God for His spirit for their children is because they don’t recognize the need for Him. There are several things mankind cannot do in the flesh, and they must recognize their origin in the image and likeness of God.

Mankind must recognize being in the image and likeness of God to, first, love God with all their being and love his neighbors as himself; second, to obey God and his parents as required in God’s word; third, to trust God with all his heart; fourth, to worship God in spirit and in truth; and fifth, to glorify God in his body and spirit, which are God.

The profound truths of why God Created Man in His Image and Likeness will inspire you to put your trust completely in God.

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